The Ultimate Runner – Advice to Keep You Moving

image I received a review copy of The Ultimate Runner, and based on the title had assumed little in the book would apply to me, I was wrong.  This book is more like one of those Soup for the Soul types.  It has a lot of great personal stories about running.  My favorite was “Why Do I Run?” the start off answer was “so I can eat anything I want” but the narrative evolves and had me questioning why I run – though sporadically. Running is a great escape for me, it is time away from my kids, my life, and myself.  I focus on where I am – not where I have been.  It is a moving mediation, foot fall after foot fall, without thought of trivial life nuisances. Another great tale unfolds in “From Sofa to Three Miles”.  The story of a chemo patient’s transformation. 

This book isn’t just great interpersonal relationship stories, it also has a section in the back about Need to Know Info.  This includes training schedules, stretches and more.  Any level or experience of runner can benefit from this book – most importantly those who need a pick me up or who stuck in a slump. I will certainly pick this book up again and again to keep me going when I feel like hanging my running shoes up and watching TV.

This book has not yet been released so look for it soon! It is definitely worth the small price tag to have something in your library that is full of priceless motivation from real people.

Extraordinary Love of the Road Revealed in New Book for The Ultimate Runner

Over 40 road runners from the US, Canada and abroad each wrote original and totally personal contributions that has been published in the newly released book, The Ultimate Runner: Stories and Advice to Keep You Moving, the latest book by NY Times best selling publishers Health Communications Inc.

The Ultimate Runner is an enlightening, entertaining, and motivating book about every aspect of running, filled with stories, advice, and compelling photos by and for those who love the feel of the road beneath their feet.

The stories and must know information reveal the heart and soul, passion and dedication of people from all walks of life who are dedicated to running. You’ll find stories from people who have overcome health issues and chemical dependency to find renewal and hope. There are breathtaking insights from people who run out of the dedication they feel towards helping others, humor and laughter that will bring tears to your eyes and make your sides ache.

For the serious competitive athlete as well as the casual weekend jogger, The Ultimate Runner will entertain and educate with humorous and thought-provoking stories and expert advice about everything near and dear to a runner’s heart.

Whether trying to lose a few extra pounds, training for an ultra-marathon, or participating in a charity run, anyone interested in running will find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in The Ultimate Runner.

Nutrition, motivation, equipment selection, and injury prevention are just some of the variety of topics covered by experts in their fields, and readers will find scores of stories to motivate and inspire them, interspersed with more than thirty amazing photographs of picturesque running backdrops featuring runners themselves.