Platinum Powerball Gyroscope – Fun for Everyone


I received a Platinum Powerball just as shown above for review, as with all reviews I was not compensated in any way for this review it is entirely my opinion.

Let me start by saying, anything that a 9 year old boy finds cool has to be pretty darn amazing these days because you know how hard it is to get the youth excited.  I am not sure what it is about this little thing that made my son harp on me for three days straight until I was ready to review it.  He seems to think is it some sort of Bakugan game piece and I don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise, my two year old is just mesmerized by the lights and sound.

Well gyroscopes, or whatever these are called generically, are not new.  My friends in the IT field have had these little guys for years to help deal with their carpel tunnel and strengthen the wrist, but it has applications for more than just geeks. Bicyclists, tennis players, golfers and baseball players are just a few who can benefit from using this little piece of fitness equipment. Keep in mind that the mainstream pieces you find at the checkout line seem to be half as big as the DynaFlex Pro, this is no small gyroscope, it is about the size of a baseball and takes my entire grip to hold.  It has a nice padded circumference with a little tackiness to help keep it in your hand instead of flying away to hit your cat (or dog).

The main selling point for me? The remote starter.  Hear me out, this isn’t solely a laziness factor, these things can be really tricky and a pain to get started on your own. You used to have to spin the ball in the inner track and then flick your wrist quickly, and almost to injury, to get them started – NOT NOW!

Now you can hold down a button and when the ball is ready, the lights start shining and the whizzing noise gets louder.  But does it work? Not having a month to review it and measure my forearms to see if there is any muscle growth, I can speak at least from feeling and yes, it gives your hand, wrist and forearm a solid tiring experience.  Supposedly you are getting 45 lbs of dynamic resistance, now what that translates to in non-marketing speak as far as weight training, I have no idea.  I can tell you I do perform wrist curls and the most I can curl is 20 lbs for about 6 reps before fatiguing.

Either way I can’t maintain this Powerball for more than a minute in my dominant hand, and my left hand is hard pressed to keep this going for half as long. Hop on over to the Dyna Flex website for some post NYE sales.  I would love to hear from others who have used the DynaFlex product line, drop a comment!

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