Buddhist Women’s Conference 2013 Event This Weekend Chicago

Buddhist Women’s Conference 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013 Location: DDMBA Chicago (www.ddmba-chicago.org)

Address: 1234 N. River Road, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

8 am-9am Registration begins

9am -10 am Compassion Meditation

10 am -12 pm Keynote Venerable Dr. Pannavati BhikkhuniThe Bodhisattva – A Present Help in the Time of Need

12-1 pm Vegetarian lunch: Informal discussion with our two guests

1 pm-2 pm The Bodhisattva Path

A panel discussion with Venerables Dr. Pannavati Bhikkhuni, Chang Ji, and Chang Zhi. They will discuss: What is a Bodhisattva? What are the Bodhisattva precepts? How can we strive to become better Bodhisattvas?

2-4 pm Chang Ji: Inner Dimensions of Climate Change

We will consider how our unexamined assumptions lead to greed and ignorance, which result in multiple social problems. Climate change is one important example. We want to be happy, but our pursuit of happiness leads to unhappiness and social injustice, for ourselves and others. Master Sheng Yen called this spiritual poverty; a solution is spiritual environmentalism.

4:00 pm Transfer of Merit Closing Ceremony

5:00 pm Optional Dinner with Guest Speakers and Conference Organizers:

Meli and Asayo and others who would like to attend. Cost of dinner not included.

Saturday Registration Information:

The registration cost of the Saturday event is $25 and includes a vegetarian lunch. Your participation will help to defray travel costs of our special visitors! To register in advance (and help us reserve a lunch for you), please pay at http://www.ddmbachicago.org/donate, and specify “Bodhisattva Workshop” as a comment.

Alternatively, please email meli@northwestern.edu or lincke@uwp.edu or asayohoribe@sbcglobal.net in advance and pay when you come.

Sunday March 17, 2013

10am-3pm Living in the 21st Century: Rewriting the Future of Your Life

Venerable Chang Ji will lead this half-day workshop, starting at at DDMBA Chicago (with vegetarian lunch as break). The workshop will cover:

1) Being (i.e. Who Am I?)

2) Knowing (i.e. inner knowing, social injustice, external knowing, integrating both to find your vision)

3) Doing (i.e. Where are how change happens)

Many young people who had participated in the workshop in the past developed clearer ideas of who they are and what they can do, and helped them feel more empowered to be change agents.

Sunday Registration Information: NO FEE!

DDMBA Address:

Both events will be held at DDMBA-Chicago (www.ddmba-chicago.org)

1234 N. River Road, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056.

1. From Chicago: Take I90 North to 294 North
2. Exit 294 North at US 14/Dempster Street going West on US 14/Dempster
3. Turn right/north onto US 12/Des Plaines River Road
4. At about 3.3 miles, the shopping center with DDMBA will be on the left hand side.
Our shopping center is just before the major traffic light Euclid Ave/W Lake Street. There is a new gas station on that corner.