Combat Stress with Sleep and DreamWater

Mother’s Day is creeping up on us this weekend, and as any mother can attest (and dads too) parenthood can be stressful.  Long nights nursing babies, endless errands and no time for yourself can all create and environment of stress, in turn causing even more lack of sleep.

April was Stress Awareness Month. Stress can have a strong affect on health, weight, mental function and emotions and there are several tactics that can help reduce stress, leading to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Exercise: Exercise in almost any form can relieve stress and being active boosts feel-good endorphins and distracts from daily worries.

Power Down: Being constantly connected adds a new level of stress that people are learning to deal with on a daily basis. It is important to sometimes step away from digital devices and power down for some quiet "you" time

Sleep: Research proves a good night of sleep helps you cope with daily stress and anxiety and a lack of sleep can exacerbate stressful situations. Taking imageDream Water, the first natural sleep enhancer with zero calories, natural active ingredients and no preservatives, helps drinkers relax, fall asleep and stay asleep, to wake up rejuvenated and limit stress. (Available at Wal-Mart and, $2.99/bottle)

Eat Right: Junk food and refined sugars low in nutritional value and high in calories can lead to a lack of energy and feeling sluggish. A healthy diet, low in sugar, and alcohol, can help stay healthy and reduce stress.

Limit Caffeine Intake: Studies have proven caffeine, even if ingested in the morning, can effect the body that through the evening, amplifying stress throughout the day. Limiting the intake of food/beverages with high levels of caffeine (coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, etc.) can decrease stress.

The first night I tried NightTea Night DreamWater I doubted it would work, so I went upstairs to watch TV like I normally do, within 30 minutes I could barely keep my eyelids open and at night when the kids woke up to nurse (age 1.5 and 4 – I mention this because I would not try any supplement while nursing a newborn) I was able to fall right back asleep, sometimes not even waking.  I awoke the next morning an hourly early than normal feeling really refreshed.  The second night I tried DreamWater I was trying to sew some class projects and did not make it up to bed, after an hour I went upstairs to lay down and felt disoriented and nauseous – I think you really need to be ready to fall asleep and in the correct environment because the third time I tried DreamWater I was in bed, chugged the shot bottle and fell asleep within 15 minutes.

I should point out that I don’t take anything.  I rarely pop something for a migraine unless I have somewhere to be, so that may be why these were so effective for me.  I was no fan of the flavor. I hate stevia it is way too bitter and the whole thing tasted like sour green tea with cough syrup.  That being said, it did work.  I was worried I may become addicted to sleeping with this, but since trying DreamWater it seems I have been getting on a better sleep schedule.  I wake early which causes me to go to sleep earlier – provided I don’t eat too late (heartburn keeps me up) even with the TV on (that’s a bad crutch I know), my eyelids still start to get heavy at the same time each night.

I received samples of DreamWater for review, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are my own and given freely.