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4 Health Conscious Natural Products For Your Gym Bag and Mother’s Day

Being a mom means having a whole pharmacy in your bag at any time.  I lug around everything from bandages to booger wipes and items I don’t even remember throwing in my bag.  I haven’t been to the gyms in ages it seems. Before I was a working mother of three I owned a sleek, sophisticated gym bag with pockets for all kinds of wonderful self-care products.  I would spend extra time in the steam room (yes, a steam room, not the bathroom full of steam to loosen up a small child’s mucous) breathing in aromatherapy oils,  in the sauna spritzing myself with scented water, or even on the luxurious locker-room benches lathering on lotions.

Although those days of leisure time have passed, I still know what I would keep in my gym bag if I ever had the chance to think about my own health and well being for a New York minute. The one thing being a parent has made me more cognoscente of is natural health products. Every day products I would usually use have now gone to the wayside each passing year as I become more of a crunchy mama.

Here are my top picks for your gym bag:

image 1.Zim’s Max-Freeze® and Zim’s® Maximum Heat™.  These are two over the counter pain relief products. Zim’s Max-Freeze® delivers temporary relief to aching muscles and joints. Zim’s Max-imageFreeze is formulated with naturally-based ingredients including aloe, arnica, Vitamin E and tea tree oil. Zim’s® Maximum Heat is a heat-based pain relief product with capsaicin for arthritis, stiffness, backache, strains and sprains. It is formulated with naturally-based ingredients including aloe, arnica, Vitamin E and tea tree oil. No Parabens, No Sulfates and No Animal Testing.  The Max-Freeze is said to have a vanishing scent, but mine did not vanish that quickly and it had the consistency of aloe gel – it was a little sloppy to apply.  The Max Heat has a great roll on feature which instantly gives you the heat without the mess. I put each on a different side of my neck and could notice the difference in feeling state, one side was cool feeling like peppermint oil, the other was a deep warming feeling like a hot compress. Working out can leave you with some aches and pains, or maybe you are moving more to fend of arthritis.  Instead of reaching for pills, roll on some relief.

2. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. Made of 100% natural ingredients,  with no harmful aluminums or parabens, and  containing pharmaceutical grade mineral salts.  Comes in a spray and a roll on.  Both work wonderfully and are oddly fragrance free. Mainstream deodorants give me cysts on my underarms so I long ago moved to natural products.  Many contain essential oils that can be overbearing.  I was surprised that these products had no scent, and at the end of the day after dancing and walking in the sun – neither did I! You don’t want to be person in the gym keeping everyone else out of the free weight room.  Be sure to pack some deodorant.

3. MoistStic Natural Lip Protection. Made with ingredients that make the difference, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Peppermint Oil. I really thought I would experience  burning lips based on these ingredients but the product goes on smooth and keeps your lips soft.  A must have in gyms bags.  Too many people forget about hydrating their lips when they are exercising and getting thirsty – lip licking makes your lips more dry because the bacteria from your mouth in your saliva dry out the lips. Pop MoistStic in your purse too! You spend so much time working on a hot bod, you want smooth and healthy lips to kiss. Preserve healthy skin with MoistStic and create a protective layer from the drying effects of the sun, altitude and cold weather.

Food Flask 4. Hydro Flask®, This flask’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks icy cold up to 24 hours (even in the blazing sun!).  BPA and aluminum free bottles ensure no leaching of chemicals, plastic or aluminum, into beverages with non-toxic food grade powder coated exterior and soy-based ink logos. Made with 100 percent, 18/8 stainless steel; resistant to bacteria and odors; backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. The bottles come in a variety of shapes and styles including standard wide-mouth and narrow, as well as food flasks (great for picnics and school lunches), beverage flasks, tea/travel flasks with Hydro Flip lids and growlers. That’s right, becoming a crunchy mama means no more plastic bottles, and absolutely no BPA.  Reusable bottles like those from Hydro Flask make refilling water and drinks fashionable and fun.  You definitely don’t want to give up the prime real estate that is the elliptical closest to the TV to go get water, but you also don’t want to be the dullard mindlessly filling landfills with plastic bottles.  Great for all seasons, you literally can put a hot tea on your nightstand and wake up in the morning with hot tea on your nightstand! Pick up a Hydro Flask and never suffer plastic bottle guilt again.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, literally down the block at the end of this week! There is still time to create a great gift basket with any or all of these products for moms who make it to the gym.  Don’t miss out on the message of natural health this season.

Samples of items were provided for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are completely my own and given freely.

Give a Gift That Gives Back @MotherTongues Tees for Mother’s Day

imageA MotherTongue is the first language or native language that one learns from birth.  In our most pure state of being born what we know, before words and sounds have meaning, is love. Our first language worldwide is that of love.  Share some words of love, hope, and peace on Twitter with MotherTongues and support their wonderful brand on FB 

Can you think of a better place to purchase your Mother’s Day gift from than MotherTongues? It’s not just the name of the company, or the fact that all the apparel from MotherTongues is printed with waterbased inks on Fair Trade, organic cotton, it’s that MotherTongues is committed to values such as fair trade, cultural sensitivity, ecological sustainability and economic justice.


  • $1 of every t-shirt or apron sold goes to the Center For Women In Transition.
  • $1 of every Sisu t-shirt is donated to the American Cancer Society.
  • MotherTongues belongs to 1% for the Planet and Green America.
  • MotherTongues buys carbon offset energy credits through NativeEnergy.

Ok, maybe you and your mom don’t care so much about the environment and others as you do about getting a comfortable tee shirt? I can accept that.  My Sisu tee shirt arrived in the mail and the first thing I noticed was the luxurious silky feel, I didn’t know cotton could be this smooth, soft and supple.  The design was fresh, crisp and moved with the fabric, sure to last after washing and wear.  The images and words printed on these shirts are all unique and definitely fun to wear, because honestly who buys a tee shirt with graphics on it to NOT get noticed?


Here is why I picked this particular print:

the courage to be

(see-soo) n. Finnish

Sisu describes a unique personality trait as inner being informs outward doing. To have this kind of courage is to have the determination to get things done against impossible odds. With perseverance, tenacity and imagination one can take care of things. Sisu is best witnessed in others and resists precise explanation.

"Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice." – Bethany Hamilton.

the Dancing Woman story

The Dancing Woman Labyrinth was created by Lisa Gidlow Moriarty ( in response to her mother’s death to cancer and her own cancer survival. The Dancing Woman knows grief, she bears the tears and celebrates the days of joy and survival. She is a symbol of women’s strength and compassion. Her uplifted arms reach out in a supportive embrace; her wild hair suggests freedom as well as the unexpected ways hair may grow back after chemotherapy. The entrances under her arms are reminiscent of a friend’s support and protection. She dances with wild abandon in release of pain.

Having owned a metaphysical boutique for years and practicing yoga for decades, I can truly relate that anything you purchase, any symbol you hold dear has no real innate power.  The power comes from inside you, the symbol is merely a physical representation of what you are ready to manifest to the world, it is your inner voice shining a light out through your darker moments to remind you of how powerful you truly are, how ready for change you are, and how unique your soul is to the world.

Why wouldn’t you want to share the great secret of your soul with others? And what an easy and comfortable way to do it! image


my soul at peace with yours

(sa-tya-gra-ha) n. Sanskrit [satyam: truth + âgrahah: determination, insistence]
Build a community where truth, openness, and self-sacrifice create non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi coined Satyagraha to describe his philosophy of non-violent resistance in South Africa and India. Satyagraha – a force of love – is a relentless and persistent search for truth. Expose social, political, economic, and interpersonal violence in your community. Experience a change of heart and see with new eyes. As you wear this t-shirt, envision walking alongside Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Oscar Romero and Mother Teresa – persons who had infinite patience, abundant faith in others, and ample hope.

There are many different words to choose from and I suggest you head over to the MotherTongues site to see what they have that piques your interest.  Right now they are having a free shipping sale to celebrate Earth Day, but it won’t last long! My only complaint is that there are not enough “women’s fit” tee shirts.  I do not personally like unisex shirts, and high collars.  Because I am a breastfeeding mom, scoop and v neck fitted tee shirts are more flattering and comfortable for me and far easier to integrate into my wardrobe.

I received a Sisu shirt for review, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are my own, given freely.