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Childhood Favorite Brings You Fitness Fast FXP Hula Hoop

261888_10151278243135962_103699219_nI recently received a FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Set for review, I was not compensated in any way and my opinions are freely expressed.

That’s me top left in the fuchsia shirt with hoodie, right after completing my second hooping certification.  I am an average hooper – I can keep my hoop up for a prolonged time, can do fitness moves, travel, etc. I am far from hoop dancing on a stage, but I enjoy the workout and that was why I jumped at the chance to review a new fitness system that involved hooping.

Niece’s video has a high production quality and the travel hoop is the best I have experienced.  My former travel hoop has tiny screws that were constantly coming loose after use making assembly and disassembly a nightmare without a screwdriver.  The FXP hoop pieces are solid molded plastic and have no hitches. The weight of the hoop is nice too, better than my former travel hoop. Its only downfall is the very bland appearance which honestly travels through to the workout video as well.

To be fair, the workout itself is fast paced, but it really misses the fun and whimsy that drew me to hooping.  I know hooping can be over the top, hoopers are up there with bellydancers for pageantry, costumes, etc.  I wasn’t expecting that but it would have been nice to have some more uplifting music or a more interesting set.  The feel was middle aged pilates class.  Before you say “hey now!”, that is my personal demographic too, but I don’t want to feel like I’ve come to a geriatric fitness class – I want a bit of fun. With hooping I want a little over the top, it doesn’t have to be over the edge, just make me feel alive and relevant.

Personal feel aside, the only other problem I had with the video is that there was never reverse hooping, and important skill and necessity to keep the body in balance.  The legs were switched periodically but in my training there were horror stories of hoopers who never switched directions and caused them selves some pelvic and muscular issues.

My kit came with a hoop, carry bag, DVD, and quick exercise poster.  It also included a small piece of matting that was labeled “non slip hoop surface” but beats me how it would help, being approximately a 4 x 4 inch square – literally my toes fit on it. FXP offers an array of Hula Hoop Kits – These specially designed kits come equipped with everything needed to help women reach their specific goals.  Choose from five kits including: FXP Starter Kit, FXP Cardio Sculpt, Total Body Makeover, Total Body Makeover Plus, and Create Your Own. Each kit comes with retractable hoop, carry bag, DVDs, guides and more! Kits start at an affordable $49.94.

Other ways to connect to fitness through FXP include:

Hula Hoop Level 1 Teacher Training – Designed for trainers by trainers, it’s the first step in teaching FXP Fitness classes. Trainers receive the highest level of individual support in the industry, from business tools and webinars to lesson plans and troubleshooting support. Training is $250 with discounts for groups and military.. More Info here.

Hula Hoop Life Diet Nutrition Program – Provides access to expert nutritionists, meal planning guides, recipes, support, and more.

Mobile App – The perfect way to access FXP programs while away from home. Provides free workout guides and optional premium content. Available on iOS and Android devices.

FXP Fitness was programmed by internationally respected fitness leader, Niece Pecenka, to help users shed pounds, lose inches from their waistlines, and sculpt their bodies all while having fun!

For more information, please visit www.fxpfitness.com

I leave you with an explantation of the fitness system’s development “FXP Fitness was born from the idea that fitness should be an enjoyable, accessible experience that yields great results. It is a low to no impact program inspired by proven methods such as pilates, barre, and yoga, and combines them into a high intensity interval training system…all while using the specially designed fitness hula hoop. Perfect for toning arms, strengthening legs, and slimming middles, FXP is designed for ”all ages and all stages” and is backed by a recent metabolic study on the effectiveness of the FXP hula hoop and workout DCDs. Plus, its curriculum is easily modifiable to fit tight schedules, tight spaces, and lifestyles continuously on-the-go.”

Remember, any fitness program can work if you stick with it!

Are You A Coach Potato You Could Be Genetically Lazy Study Finds

Couch Potatoes May Be Genetically Predisposed to Being Lazy, MU Study Finds
Genetics could be a reason some people are motivated to exercise more than others

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Studies show 97 percent of American adults get less than 30 minutes of exercise a day, which is the minimum recommended amount based on federal guidelines. New research from the University of Missouri suggests certain genetic traits may predispose people to being more or less motivated to exercise and remain active. Frank Booth, a professor in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, along with his post-doctoral fellow Michael Roberts, were able to selectively breed rats that exhibited traits of either extreme activity or extreme laziness. They say these rats indicate that genetics could play a role in exercise motivation, even in humans.

“We have shown that it is possible to be genetically predisposed to being lazy,” Booth said. “This could be an important step in identifying additional causes for obesity in humans, especially considering dramatic increases in childhood obesity in the United States. It would be very useful to know if a person is genetically predisposed to having a lack of motivation to exercise, because that could potentially make them more likely to grow obese.”

In their study published in the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology on April 3, 2013, Roberts and Booth put rats in cages with running wheels and measured how much each rat willingly ran on their wheels during a six-day period. They then bred the top 26 runners with each other and bred the 26 rats that ran the least with each other. They repeated this process through 10 generations and found that the line of running rats chose to run 10 times more than the line of “lazy” rats.

Once the researchers created their “super runner” and “couch potato” rats, they studied the levels of mitochondria in muscle cells, compared body composition and conducted thorough genetic evaluations through RNA deep sequencing of each rat.

“While we found minor differences in the body composition and levels of mitochondria in muscle cells of the rats, the most important thing we identified were the genetic differences between the two lines of rats,” Roberts said. “Out of more than 17,000 different genes in one part of the brain, we identified 36 genes that may play a role in predisposition to physical activity motivation.”

Now that the researchers have identified these specific genes, they plan on continuing their research to explore the effects each gene has on motivation to exercise.

Frank Booth also is a professor in the Department of Physiology in the MU School of Medicine as well as a research investigator in the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center at MU. This research also featured Kevin Wells, an assistant professor of genetics in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Division of Animal Sciences.

As a result of years of excellence in providing systematic, periodic examinations of scholarly research and provoking discussion leading to new research activity, Frank Booth will be awarded the American Physiological Society (APS) 2013 Annual Reviews Award for Scientific Reviewing. The award recognizes an APS member who has written scientific reviews that have helped provide an enhanced understanding of the area of physiology reviewed.

View this news release on the Web at:
For more news, visit:

Holiday Gift Giving, 8 Titles from @Lionsgate for the Fitness Buff @skyyogastudio .com

Billy Blanks Jr: Dance Party Boot Camp

Get ready to sweat and have some high-octane fun with Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Party Boot Camp arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this holiday season from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Son of the famous Tae Bo creator, Billy Blanks Jr. brings his spin on fitness to your home where he will rev up your workout with the ultimate dance party. This 30-minute workout will supercharge your calorie burn with a non-stop mix of the hottest dance moves and boot camp conditioning. Available on December 4th for the suggested retail price of $14.98, Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Party Boot Camp is designed for all ages, shapes and sizes.  It’s the best time you’ll ever have losing weight!

Billy Blanks Jr. continues to build his brand as teacher and creator of the “Dance With Me” fitness classes available at 24 Hour Fitness and currently being rolled out worldwide.

PrayFit 33-Day Body Toning System

From Jimmy Peña, founder of Prayfit, best-selling author and faith-based exercise physiologist whose clients have included Tyler Perry, Mario Lopez and LL Cool J., comes Prayfit 33-Day Body Toning System, arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand from Lionsgate Home Entertainment this December.  Prayfit 33-Day Body Toning System is a complete workout and motivational system designed to tone, tighten and sculpt your legs, shoulders, chest, back, arms and abs. Bolster your faith and reshape your entire body in 33 minutes a day for 33 days. The DVD includes the popular “Prayfit Minutes,” weekly devotionals to inspire and encourage you to improve your life by giving your best effort. Prayfit 33-Day Body Toning System DVD is available December 4th for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Jimmy leads you through a workout that builds lean muscle with targeted exercises and blasts through body fat with several bouts of high-intensity cardio, so you will see results faster than you would by doing cardio alone. Ideal for any fitness level, your goal is to improve steadily each day, building your fitness and your faith.

Denise Austin Fit in a Flash –

7 Min Solutions

Denise Austin wants you to have the body you’ve always wanted in 7 minutes! Ignite your metabolism and start shedding pounds and inches with Denise Austin: Fit in a Flash arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand December 4th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Denise Austin: Fit in a Flash provides seven dynamic workouts (plus a warm-up and cool down) focused on cardio, strength training and toning, all delivered in a quick seven minutes each! Start with the level 1 workouts, and when you’re ready, advance to level 2. When you’re feeling good, combine the workouts for a total body blast that will get you Fit in a Flash! Denise Austin: Fit in a Flash features a custom workout and music-only options and is available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

A five-foot-four-inch dynamo, Denise Austin has sold more than 25 million workout units (DVD and VHS), authored more than 10 books on fitness, and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television. An innovator in fitness, Denise Austin has been on the President’s counsel for over 12 years and has new branded fitness products launching with 35 skus November 2012 at Rite-Aids nationally.  

Denise Austin Shrink Your 5 Fat Zones

Blast away unwanted fat with Denise Austin: Shrink Your 5 Fat Zones arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand December 4th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Lose inches with Denise’s favorite fat burning, cardio exercises to target tone trouble zones on your butt, belly, back, thighs and arms. Each workout is 10 minutes and delivers maximum calorie burning results. When you’re short on time, get in what you can, and for optimal results, do all 5 Fat Zones for a total body fat-burning workout that you’ll love! Denise Austin: Shrink Your 5 Fat Zones will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

A five-foot-four-inch dynamo, Denise Austin has sold more than 25 million workout units (DVD and VHS), authored more than 10 books on fitness and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television. An innovator in fitness, Denise Austin has been on the President’s counsel for over 12 years and has new branded fitness products launching with 35 skus November 2012 at Rite-Aids nationally.  

Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast

Get a fit, firm and graceful body with this ballet inspired workout from Mary Helen Bowers, former New York City Ballet dancer and trainer to Natalie Portman for her Academy Award-winning role in Black Swan. Bowers shares her ballet-inspired workout that’s getting the celebrities fit and feminine bodies through the Lionsgate Home Entertainment release of Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this winter. This total body routine will help sculpt a lean, long dancer’s body with four 15-minute targeted workouts. Mix and match these workouts to tone your arms, abs and butt. Perfect for anyone pressed for time and looking for a quick and challenging workout with great results! Strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously to elongate and tone the entire body. The workout includes Ballet Beautiful Swan ArmsTM, a 15-minute Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast and Butt Series Parts 1 & 2. The Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast DVD will be available on December 4 for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful founder, is an accomplished ballerina, a visionary fitness expert and a leader in the global trend of ballet-inspired fitness. Her signature Ballet Beautiful method uses customized, low-impact cardio and toning exercises to sculpt a strong, graceful physique and beautiful posture. She has been sought out by A-list actresses, celebrities and supermodels around the world including Kirsten Dunst, Helena Christensen, Liv Tyler, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jaime King and Zooey Deschanel. Mary Helen opened her first studio in New York City’s Soho neighborhood in May of 2011 and released her first book,Ballet Beautiful, with a forward by Natalie Portman, in June 2012. In addition, she has a global online training program and has sold thousands of videos in over 50 countries worldwide.

Biggest Loser Belly Power Ab Blast

Six-pack abs and a sculpted core have never been as attainable as in The Biggest Loser:  Power Ab Blast arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand from Lionsgate Home Entertainment this winter. Join all-star trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, along with your favorite show contestants, in six targeted exercise routines that focus on strengthening your core. The latest in “The Biggest Loser” home entertainment line, The Biggest Loser:  Power Ab Blast DVD will be available December 4 for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Drop inches from your waistline with the sculpting moves in Power Ab Blast. You’ve seen contestants dramatically slim down on NBC’s hit series, “The Biggest Loser,” and now it’s your turn! Shape a strong and defined core withPower Ab Blast workout!  Burn belly fat and get those chiseled abs you’ve always wanted with trainers, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince.

Biggest Loser Power X-Train

Throw out your excuses and get into a heart-thumping exercise routine when Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases The Biggest Loser:  30-Day Power X-Train on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand on December 4. Shed pounds and burn mega calories with the Power X-Train regimen and you will feel better than ever. The latest in “The Biggest Loser” home entertainment line, The Biggest Loser:  30-Day Power X-Train DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

Take it up a notch with the fat-burning moves in 30-Day Power X-Train! You’ve seen contestants drop pounds on NBC’s hit series, “The Biggest Loser,” and now it’s your turn! Using cross-training and core movements, you’re going to shed unwanted pounds, burn maximum calories and tone and tighten your legs, abs and arms for a total body workout.   Get ready to sweat with trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince as they challenge every muscle in your body.

Jane Fonda AM/PM Yoga 

for Beginners

Fitness pioneer Jane Fonda is back again with Yoga designed for Baby Boomers! Build strength, improve flexibility and relax the body with Jane Fonda: Prime Time AM/PM Yoga For Beginners available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this winter from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The perfect gift for this holiday season, the DVD features Fonda’s five favorite beginners yoga exercises designed for mornings and evenings. Available on December 4th, Jane Fonda: Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners contains three AM yoga workouts, designed to make you feel rejuvenated and energized, and two PM workouts that will help you relax, unwind and release tension and stress from your day. Includes a bonus 5-minute workout to improve your balance and help you get the yoga body you desire. A towel, chair, yoga mat and light weights are recommended.

A fitness guru and author, Jane Fonda has produced and starred in over 20 exercise videos since 1982. The Jane Fonda’s Workout video became the highest selling home video ever moving over a million copies. Fonda subsequently released 23 workout videos with the series selling a total of 17 million copies combined, more than any other exercise series. She also released five workout books and thirteen audio programs.  After a fifteen-year hiatus, she returned to fitness, releasing two new fitness DVDs in 2010, and then two additional DVDs in 2011, which she designed to address the unique fitness needs of boomers and seniors.

I received review copies of these DVDs, this post is a press release of the DVDs in time for Christmas, my personal reviews will follow on individual DVDs.

Office workers can find ways to exercise @skyyogastudio .com

Office workers can exercise at their desk to shed a few pounds
Stuck working in an office with no time to hit the gym on a regular basis? There are ways to burn off a few calories during office hours, says Selen Razon, a professor of sport and exercise psychology at Ball State.
“Studies have shown that long periods of inactivity — including sitting at your desk — increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer,” she says. “I suggest that people do a few simple exercises to get their bodies moving and then stretching and toning at your desk. Moving a little goes a long way.”
Razon suggests:
•       Start exercising before arriving at your desk by first parking your car as far away from the building as possible and then walking.
•       Take the stairs whenever possible.
•       Do exercises at your desk, including flexing arms, legs and abs on 30-second intervals.
•       Get rid of a chair and sit on a medicine/fitness ball while working. Sitting on a ball will tone and strengthen your abs.
•       Stand up and/or take short walks every 20 minutes at desk. Studies show even simple frequent standing breaks significantly decrease your chances of getting diabetes.
•       Exchange the typical desk for one that allows you to stand, which burns more calories.
•       Bring gadgets to the office. Hand grippers and stretch cords are relatively cheap and can provide great outlets for keeping active while you look at your screen.
Razon says incorporating these exercises in your daily work routine could help keep off the pounds. Nearly 27.5 percent of the American adult population and 31 percent of the adult population of Indiana reports being obese, ranking the state eighth worst nationally in terms of percentage of population severely overweight, says The Burden of Adult Obesity in Indiana. The study by Ball State’s Global Health Institute (GHI) found obesity rates rose by 0.7 percent in the last year.

Fit 4 Classroom Lessons and Videos for Schools and Parents @skyyogastudio .com


— "fit 4 the classroom" Engages Elementary Educators with Interactive Learning Tools and Incentives to Expand School-based Health and Wellness Education —

Silver Spring, Md. (September 25, 2012) – Sanford Health, WebMD and Discovery Education announce today the launch of fit 4 the classroom, a unique program for elementary educators, students and their families to encourage healthier food choices and more physical activity among children. Supported with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based learning materials for teachers, the program connects balanced eating and activity with sleep and a healthy emotional life for a more holistic approach to wellness. 

According to recent reports by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. From 2009 to 2010, almost 17 percent of children were reported obese. Educators and schools can play a key role in preventing childhood obesity by providing an environment where children can develop the good habits of a healthy and active lifestyle. fit 4 the classroom is designed to give educators the resources they need to create that healthy environment while also meeting STEM Common Core Standards. 

Rooted in the four pillars of fit – mood, move, food and recharge – fit 4 the classroom helps promote healthy habits among students through dynamic, up-to-date cross-curricular lesson plans that span across STEM subjects and videos aligned to national education standards. The lesson plans reinforce the interconnectivity of the four pillars and encourage insightful conversations between educators, students and their families, covering topics such as the effect of music on mood, the benefits of stretching, understanding how much sugar they consume, and how sleep affects the body and mind. 

“We are excited about our partnership with Discovery Education on fit 4 the classroom,” said Dave Link, Senior Executive Vice President of Sanford Health. “We believe teachers play such an important role to educate, motivate and inspire children to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. With the engaging and helpful fit 4 the classroom resources, we hope to make it easier for educators to promote healthy choices that lead to lifelong healthy habits and behaviors in children and families.”

“As the leading source of health information for consumers and professionals and a free source of trusted information on children’s health and wellness, WebMD is proud to collaborate with Discovery Education and Sanford Health to support teachers and help families make healthy choices,” said Dr. Hansa Bhargava, WebMD’s expert pediatrician medical editor for pediatrics. “Children need a balanced lifestyle based on a holistic approach that considers food and exercise and also incorporates the need for rest so that kids have the energy to move and eat right.”

“Discovery Education is pleased to partner with Sanford Health and WebMD to bring the fit 4 the classroom lesson plans and videos to schools nationwide,” said Mary Rollins, Discovery Education vice president. “We know that educators play an integral role in providing students with practical knowledge that extends beyond the classroom and into their everyday lives. The resources available through this program can help students become stakeholders in their own health and empower educators and families to encourage healthy habits.”

The partnership also includes a national sweepstakes for elementary school teachers, awarding one grand prize winner a school assembly, a $5,000 prize and $5,000 in funding for the teacher’s school to extend programs that benefit student health and wellness education.  Second and third place winners will each be awarded a $1,000 prize and $1,000 in funding for their school. Homeschool teachers can use the school funding toward a local non-profit. The deadline for entries is Feb. 14, 2013.

For more information, visit fit4theclassroom.com.

About Sanford Health

Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in the Dakotas and is now the largest, rural, not-for-profit health care system in the nation with locations in 126 communities in seven states. In addition, Sanford Health is in the process of developing international clinics in Ireland, Ghana, Israel and Mexico. Sanford Health includes 35 hospitals, 140 clinic locations and nearly 1,200 physicians in 70 specialty areas of medicine. With more than 25,000 employees, Sanford Health is the largest employer in North and South Dakota. The system is experiencing dynamic growth and development in conjunction with Denny Sanford’s nearly $700 million in gifts, the largest ever to a health care organization in America. These gifts are making possible the implementation of the several initiatives including global children’s clinics, multiple research centers and finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and breast cancer. For more information, please visit sanfordhealth.org.

About WebMD

WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through its public and private online portals, mobile platforms and health-focused publications. The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth, RxList, theheart.org and Medscape Education.  

About Discovery Education

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by providing high quality, dynamic, digital content for grades K-12 and community colleges. Powered by Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the number one nonfiction media company in the world, Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-based digital media, professional development, assessment tools and a passionate educator network to support districts in accelerating student achievement. Discovery Education services like Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Techbook and Discovery Education Higher Ed, are in more than half of all US schools and 35 countries around the world.  Explore the future of education at www.discoveryeducation.com.

#Longevity #BellyFat is a #Killer #Cardio is Key to Losing Belly Fat and Living @skyyogastudio .com

Research following 12,785 Americans over 14 years for a major CDC study found that excessive belly fat is as deadly as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The study found that even those with normal weight but who had excessive “belly” fat were approximately 50 percent more likely to die prematurely from all causes compared to those who are obese. Excessive belly fat was measured by comparing waist to hip ratios. The risk of dying during the CDC study period was 2.1 times higher for those with normal BMI and high waist-to-hip ratio than for people of normal weight and waist ratio. This compared to only a 1.4 times great risk for obesity. The study findings were presented last week by a team of eight scientists from Mayo Clinic at a European Society of Cardiology meeting. 1,2

According to Pittsburgh neurosurgeon and author of The Longevity Factor, Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS, belly fat is metabolically different from other types of fat.  “Fat deposited around the abdominal organs is called visceral or adipose fat.  The increased waist size noted in this important study is due to excessive visceral fat squeezing internal organs and pushing out the abdominal wall.  This type is fat is different than other fat cells in the body and is more likely to release inflammatory molecules than can affect our cardiovascular system and significantly contribute to increased disease risk. Visceral fat also is a major contributor to insulin-resistance, a condition that can lead to diabetes,” says Dr. Maroon, Senior Vice President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and nutritional expert.

Dr. Maroon recommends the following tips to reduce belly fat to promote improved health and potentially increase your longevity:

1. Although the CDC study used waist to hip ratios, in general waist size should be less than 35 inches for women and less than 40 inches for men.

2. Although body shape plays an important role for fat distribution, inactivity and not food consumption may be more important. Studies have shown that routine exercise can control and reduce the formation of excessive visceral fat better that diet alone. At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 4-5 times per week can be effective.

3. Consider high linoleic safflower oil to selectively reduce visceral fat. A study from Ohio State University published in 2009 showed that approximately 1 2/3 teaspoon or 8 ml daily of safflower oil selectively reduced abdominal visceral fat.3 In the 16-week study, researchers compared SafSlim SAFActive78™ formula with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and found an average reduction of 6.3 percent belly fat and an average of 20.3 percent increase in adiponectin, an important belly fat hormone that increases as belly fat decreases. Ironically,study participants achieved results with no modifications to their exercise or diet regimens.

4. Stress management is also critical to control visceral fat stores. Take stress management seriously not only for controlling fat storage locations but also to reduce emotional or stress eating habits that can pack on pounds with high fat and sugary foods.

5. Sleeping less than 5 hours per night has been shown to be a major risk factor to selectively increase visceral fat store. Adequate sleep, about 7 hours per night, can allow the body time to restore needed hormones used up during the daytime.

6. Toning abdominal muscles can also help to reduce visceral fat. Although controversial, selective muscle toning can increase overall metabolism and breakdown of visceral fat store.

7 Weeks to a #Triathlon Must Have Training Book @skyyogastudio .com

image Triathlons aren’t just for Olympic athletes. You, too, can have what it takes to cross the finish line: physical strength, race-readiness, gear, and the right mindset. While you’re gearing up to watch top athletes compete for gold this summer, meet your own fitness goals and get triathlon-ready in just 7 weeks!
Introducing “7 Weeks to a Triathlon,” a comprehensive fitness guide featuring daily training programs to help you finish your first—or fastest—triathlon in under two months.
“7 Weeks to a Triathlon” features the history of the sport, FAQs, and beginner and advanced training programs—with cross-training exercises, stretches and drills—that will get your body and mind into top shape.

I was contacted to review 7 Weeks to a Triathlon and received no compensation, the opinions expressed are my own.

Honestly,  I was unhappy when I did not find “floating around in your bathtub” as a mentioned training technique.  Seriously though, I had hoped to attempt 7 weeks of training, but I just can’t at this time with work and kids, so floating in the bathtub may be as close to the swim training as I get these days.  Of course I did enjoy reading this book and found a great deal of useful information, even just general info in the Q & A section.  A particularly interesting note regarding training and illness: it is suggested that anything from the neck up is fine to train with, but neck down requires rest, ie: a head cold is fine to train with, but a lung infection is a no-go. There are tips on how to get ready for a triathlon on a budget, etiquette for cyclists, and imageeven how to start if you are like me and can’t yet run a mile!

When cross training is suggested, in later chapters there are cross training programs given and wonderful photos to accompany the exercises. Each week is broken up into blocks of continuous days and each section has a side bar “notes” area for the reader to jot down ideas, times, reactions, etc.This book is truly a tiny gem.  You can easily travel with it and definitely train for a triathlon or train to improve your time.  Sections include tips on shaving time, how to streamline your transitions and whether or not you should invest in high end gear.

So what can you train for? Well, there’s the Iron Man Wisconsin coming up in 7 Weeks http://ironmanwisconsin.com/ and one answered question included Which Iron Man course should an athlete choose – you’ll have to read page 23 to see the answer!

Author Brett Stewart (and his editor I am sure) organized a very easy to navigate, no nonsense book that is truly an accessible training guide to completing a triathlon at a very wallet friendly price of $14.99.  This book is a must have for those looking to train.

10 Tips #Motivation for #Exercise @skyyogastudio .com

Exercise takes time and effort, and staying motivated is sometimes the hardest part. That’s why the experts at Digifit, the leading fitness-tracking and heart-rate monitoring app, put together this foolproof list of tips to keep you motivated and excited to workout.
1. Set Realistic Goals: It’s great to dream big, but smaller goals are easier to reach and manage. Every time you reach a realistic goal, you will feel good about yourself which will ultimately motivate you to keep working forward.
2. Track It: Recording what you eat, how many calories you burn and your weight will help you stay on course to reach your goals. Spending the time to track it all is a whole different story. Luckily, there are tons of great devices and apps that track the exercises for you. Digifit’s fitness-tracking and heart-rate monitoring app (for iPhone and Android) measures, monitors and reports key workout stats like caloric burn, distance during more workout activities like walking, hiking, biking, running and even shooting hoops to improve performance and up the fun. The data synchs with a personalized profile at My.Digifit.com where users can analyze their workouts and their progress overtime which will ultimately keep them motivated to keep working hard.
3. Buddy Up: When you have a friend counting on you to go for a run or meet up at the gym, you are less likely to bail on the workout. Set appointments with alerts on your calendar and keep your word to workout.
4. Seek Expert Help: A trainer will push you harder and make you feel accountable for your exercise and food choices. Look for a personal trainer at your gym or sign up for a small group training class which is a more affordable option.
5. Trick Yourself: Mix up your workout routine and pick activities that don’t feel like exercise and that are fun to burn calories and get fit. Big calorie burners like hiking, surfing, paddle boarding and kickboxing are great ways to step outside of your regular fitness routine. Pick an activity that you enjoy and it won’t feel like work.
6. Make it a Family Affair: Encouraging everyone in your family to workout is a great way to create a support system for those involved. Family members can motivate each other and help detract you from making bad nutrition decisions when gathering for meals and celebrations.
7. Don’t Buy It: If you have junk food in your home, you are more likely to cheat and indulge. Once you cheat on your diet and exercise plan, you may feel disappointed in yourself and discouraged to continue on. If you don’t buy the junk food in the first place, you will have fewer opportunities to indulge and make poor decisions. So, fill your fridge and pantry with healthy foods and snacks.
8. Reward Yourself: Rewarding yourself when you reach various goals or milestones will help you stay motivated. The reward can be simple, like a day off or a massage at a local spa. You may also reward yourself with a new pair of running shoes or scoop of ice cream.
9. Rest: Your body needs time to recover from stress on muscles, that’s why you need to incorporate rest days into your regimen. Don’t overdue your exercise routine or you may burn out quickly and feel less motivated to workout.
10. Have a Cheat Day: As important as it is to rest and avoid burning out on your gym or exercise routine, it’s equally important to avoid burning out on your diet. Let yourself indulge once in a while. Assign one day per week as a cheat day where you allow yourself to eat whatever you want during one meal that day without feeling guilty. This will help you feel good about your hard work at the gym and in the kitchen.
About Digifit
Digifit offers truly engaging health and fitness solutions using sensors and wearable technology integrated with mobile devices and the cloud so users can track activities anywhere, indoors or out, with a focus on heart rate training and monitoring. Founded in Santa Barbara, Digifit was the first app developer to bring heart-rate monitoring to the iPhone, and is dedicated to developing innovative applications, grounded in science and powered by technology, to help people develop healthy habits and lead healthier, happier and longer lives. For more information, visit http://www.digifit.com.