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Childhood Favorite Brings You Fitness Fast FXP Hula Hoop

261888_10151278243135962_103699219_nI recently received a FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Set for review, I was not compensated in any way and my opinions are freely expressed.

That’s me top left in the fuchsia shirt with hoodie, right after completing my second hooping certification.  I am an average hooper – I can keep my hoop up for a prolonged time, can do fitness moves, travel, etc. I am far from hoop dancing on a stage, but I enjoy the workout and that was why I jumped at the chance to review a new fitness system that involved hooping.

Niece’s video has a high production quality and the travel hoop is the best I have experienced.  My former travel hoop has tiny screws that were constantly coming loose after use making assembly and disassembly a nightmare without a screwdriver.  The FXP hoop pieces are solid molded plastic and have no hitches. The weight of the hoop is nice too, better than my former travel hoop. Its only downfall is the very bland appearance which honestly travels through to the workout video as well.

To be fair, the workout itself is fast paced, but it really misses the fun and whimsy that drew me to hooping.  I know hooping can be over the top, hoopers are up there with bellydancers for pageantry, costumes, etc.  I wasn’t expecting that but it would have been nice to have some more uplifting music or a more interesting set.  The feel was middle aged pilates class.  Before you say “hey now!”, that is my personal demographic too, but I don’t want to feel like I’ve come to a geriatric fitness class – I want a bit of fun. With hooping I want a little over the top, it doesn’t have to be over the edge, just make me feel alive and relevant.

Personal feel aside, the only other problem I had with the video is that there was never reverse hooping, and important skill and necessity to keep the body in balance.  The legs were switched periodically but in my training there were horror stories of hoopers who never switched directions and caused them selves some pelvic and muscular issues.

My kit came with a hoop, carry bag, DVD, and quick exercise poster.  It also included a small piece of matting that was labeled “non slip hoop surface” but beats me how it would help, being approximately a 4 x 4 inch square – literally my toes fit on it. FXP offers an array of Hula Hoop Kits – These specially designed kits come equipped with everything needed to help women reach their specific goals.  Choose from five kits including: FXP Starter Kit, FXP Cardio Sculpt, Total Body Makeover, Total Body Makeover Plus, and Create Your Own. Each kit comes with retractable hoop, carry bag, DVDs, guides and more! Kits start at an affordable $49.94.

Other ways to connect to fitness through FXP include:

Hula Hoop Level 1 Teacher Training – Designed for trainers by trainers, it’s the first step in teaching FXP Fitness classes. Trainers receive the highest level of individual support in the industry, from business tools and webinars to lesson plans and troubleshooting support. Training is $250 with discounts for groups and military.. More Info here.

Hula Hoop Life Diet Nutrition Program – Provides access to expert nutritionists, meal planning guides, recipes, support, and more.

Mobile App – The perfect way to access FXP programs while away from home. Provides free workout guides and optional premium content. Available on iOS and Android devices.

FXP Fitness was programmed by internationally respected fitness leader, Niece Pecenka, to help users shed pounds, lose inches from their waistlines, and sculpt their bodies all while having fun!

For more information, please visit www.fxpfitness.com

I leave you with an explantation of the fitness system’s development “FXP Fitness was born from the idea that fitness should be an enjoyable, accessible experience that yields great results. It is a low to no impact program inspired by proven methods such as pilates, barre, and yoga, and combines them into a high intensity interval training system…all while using the specially designed fitness hula hoop. Perfect for toning arms, strengthening legs, and slimming middles, FXP is designed for ”all ages and all stages” and is backed by a recent metabolic study on the effectiveness of the FXP hula hoop and workout DCDs. Plus, its curriculum is easily modifiable to fit tight schedules, tight spaces, and lifestyles continuously on-the-go.”

Remember, any fitness program can work if you stick with it!

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Hooping is one of the few things I have found challenging fitness wise in the last few years and when I took the Hoopnotica Fit and Minis trainings I really had to work.  Hooping is something completely outside of the average new fitness program on the market.  Hooping has re-invented the wheel so to speak and it shows in the results!


1 Serving of Candied Yams– 190 Calories / 27 minutes of hooping

1 Serving of Egg Nog – 380 Calories / 54 minutes of hooping

1 Serving of Turkey with Stuffing – 725 Calories / 103 minutes of hooping

The Holiday Season can be stressful. The festivities, food and drink can wreck our waistline, adding more than a few extra pounds beneath those fuzzy holiday themed sweaters. The intense pressure of attending parties with co-workers and spending time with family can wreak havoc on our stress level.

image This season, give the gift that keeps on giving, er, spinning – Hoopnotica!

The American Council on Exercise announced in a recent study that Hooping burns an average of 420 calories an hour, comparing it to the intense workout experienced in a cardio kickboxing class. But Hooping is better. Why, you ask? Because it is FUN.

Hoopnotica is a state of being; training your body to control the hoop as it revolves around your body. In learning these movements, you create a space in the world that is uniquely yours; a vortex of spinning energy created and maintained by your core strength. Many hoopers call it their “Moving Meditation” for it’s calming, centering effects.

Hoopnotica offers a “Hoop It Off “ kit, which includes a full size fitness hoop paired with our award winning Level 1 DVD. Affordably priced at just $34.99, the Hoopnotica “Hoop It Off” kit makes the perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself. 

Hoopnotica is offering 20% off of all purchases beginning at 12:01am Wednesday, Nov. 21st through 11:59pm Friday, November 23rd

Who’s a Hooper? Michelle Obama, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce, Christie Brinkley, Marisa Miller, Maggie Grace, Kevin McHale, AnnaLynne McCord, Beau Garret, Zooey Deschanel, Marisa Tomei, Jason Mraz, Patricia Arquette, Grace Jones, Liv Tyler and more!