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Karma Bars rock my snacking world!



From the makers of Pure Protein Bars comes Karma Bar – its been on the market a while and Meijer used to carry it.  I would buy 2 boxes at a time, more when the bars went down to 75 cents each.  they have 13 grams of protein and are 70% organic, not much for regular protein bars, but for a vegetarian that is good.  They have no ingredients that I could identify as no-vegetarian and are made with cane juice – the Double Chocolates – the cranberry do have dairy.  The allergens listed are: soy, peanut and tree nut (almond).  Granted the name is cheesy and an attempt to cash in on the yoga trend, but hey the bars are actually good – so there!


Meijer stopped carrying these a month back, and until yesterday when I was shopping for Home Birth Kit

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So now men have an excuse for being stinky

Several days ago my husband, who is an avid Yahoo News reader (we have no cable or antenna), lets me know about a recent article posted on said site "The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure".

I am known for giving too much information, so why the heck not now? My husband is as bad as my two Boston Terriers – if you know anything about the irritable bowels of these dogs, you know what I mean.  He consistently blames it on the fact that he gets a lot of protein and eats a lot of protein bars (MetRx Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for anyone looking for something tasty – only hearsay mind you as they are loaded with animal products I don’t eat them).


So now he believes he has scientific backing to keep him tooting his way around my house.  I would prefer he could get an exam from a doctor to check his colon cause he has a lot of stink to spread, an un-humanly amount in my opinion, but then again maybe gas expounding is relative to the size of the mammal – though I worked with horses for over 15 years (they can be stinky at times but it isn’t every 20 minutes) and never noticed a problem such as this.

Back to the article. I remember learning in a biology class that the smell from flatulence is caused by bacteria that line the intestines, and colon.  The idea we were given is that there are also micro-particles of food that get trapped here and help create the actual smell, the reason why some people are smelly and others not when they pass gas (or not as rotten smelling).  This article seems to imply that the stink is key, but further reading makes it sound more as though it is the relief of the gas that helps relax the blood vessels. 

A scary thought as I read the hope of new applications to manage blood pressure is that if as the article title implies, it is the stink that helps reduce BP, could you imagine living in a world with doctors prescribing "Stinky Pills"  that actual make your flatulence smell worse, in order to help you – oh goodness – how the heck could women ever go to another Super Bowl Party?

Steven Halpern Music CDs

Owning a store, I regularly stocked Halpern CDs, but sold few of them because I am a little too honest to be a hard sales person.  When people would ask about "Ocean Suite" or "Paradise Suite" I would honestly say, they are pretty much the same, one has ocean sounds, the other birds squawking. 

"Sound Healing" and "Accelerated Learning" also very similar to me, and several CDs feature a track entitled Pachabel’s Cannon. Granted, the music is great for yoga or massage, but I don’t think it is necessary to own them all – or maybe it is and my ears are just not refined enough to hear the subtle differences.

That being said, the retail on these was $16.99, the wholesale not that much less (mark up on CDs as a vendor is quite low) so I am trying to get rid of them on eBay with Buy It Nows for $6.99.  So far I have had a lot of success.  A few people email "I hope this doesn’t skip or jump. I want to use it in my class." It’s a new, unopened, sealed CD, for goodness sake.  I could email back that unless they have purchased a license with BMI, they really can’t use it in class, but I mind my own business. Or I could say – no, it doesn’t skip and jump – but it does run and hop.

First it was China, now India, where will it be next?

No offense American Television, but the BBC does it better.  Look at all of the wonderful shows American Execs have tried to bring over but failed miserably in keeping with the original feel: Absolutely Fabulous (the first edition), the Dr.Who American Movie,  Coupling, Deal or No Deal, and Life on Mars.  I can’t point to any one thing in particular but I assume it is how a lithograph of a masterpiece is never quite as good as the original – the image retains it shape, but it looses its richness.

Obviously, I watch a great deal of BBC Programming – my new favorite is comedian Paul Merton’s Travel Show.  It started with Paul Merton in China last year.  Each episode Paul has a guide (sometimes a different person) who takes him to different provinces, towns, etc. and highlights unique, odd or exotic attractions in each.  Some are common knowledge places, but most times they are utterly unknown and interesting.


This season Paul Merton goes to India.  I can’t think of a way that this show could be brought to America unless it just aired the actual BBC episodes.  There is something about this repressed, stuffy, serious yet goofball looking British comedian and his accent that just work.  You could use a Brad Pitt or George Clooney type (they have humor but a serious side, distinguished looks. and both seem to dabble in humanitarianism) – the drawback being that they are too well known, even in these remote locations.  You couldn’t have a host whose own celebrity would over shadow the whole show.  Paul is able to go anywhere because he is not an iconic image, though being white in a lot of these areas (per the guides’ comments) is its own celebrity many times.


Episode 1: Has Paul touching down in Delhi and traveling to a finishing school to learn the proper etiquette of India, always eat with the right hand, burping, and a trick to make his accent more acceptable – jamming a jar of marbles in his mouth.

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De..de..de..delish! Rooibos and Honeybush Tea

In an attempt to monitor my caffeine intake (I was great about this the first two trimesters and now I indulge a dark chocolate craving or chocolate chip cookie) I have given up on all my favorite teas.  Traditional Medicinals does do an herbal Throat Coat that I have used a few times when I feel a sore throat may come on (but for some reason it makes me leak milk).

Lo and behold I was super excited when we trekked over to Woodman’s Market the other day for some groceries (think Meijer, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and a small independent grocery had an orgy and this was their baby) and I find a delicious no caffeine tea, listed as natural sweet. 

It is super yummy, reminds me of sipping the dew from Honeysuckle Bushes on my way home from school as a child. If you can get your hands on this tea, do so.  Not quite sweet enough for me I add about a teaspoon of Agave to each mug. 

I once wanted to be a wine connoisseur which was impossible since I don’t drink (no, not ever, not even when I am un-pregnant). For a while I turned to chocolate tasting (a little too fattening – oh, and Dagoba’s Lavender chocolate tastes like you are licking hand lotion off of what should be a chocolate flavored piece of chalk), and now have rested on teas as my hobby of choice. 

Yesterday I betrothed my Yerba Matte to Chrissie’s friend Neil because it was too deep and dense for me, much like coffee – and I hear with as much caffeine.  I only held onto it because the bag of the organic crap was $16.

As I can ease back into drinking my other tea favorites, I’ll speak about them – for now though they are locked away in a tower high – called the new cabinets that reach to the ceiling 3 feet above my head when I stand on a stool!



I give this tea 6 out of 7 stars because it does not deliver on its promise of sweet!