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Holiday Fitness Gifts: Words to Sweat By

I have decided to post some great holiday fitness gifts that I have received for review.  I know it can be hard to buy for the fitness enthusiast in your life and getting them another gift certificate to their favorite athletic store or apparel shop may be too impersonal for some.  So each review that would make a good holiday gift will be entitled so, starting with Words to Sweat By.

Now I’ll start by saying that I think these are such a cute idea I would purchase some for my fitness studio but they are $9.95 each for the Original Words to Sweat By line and I buy the same sized towels for a fraction at Ikea and we go through a lot of them in a week, about 90-100 total and monthly have to turn a percentage into rags due to overuse so mass purchase of Words to Sweat By just isn’t an option for me, though I wish it were.

These are perfect as a thoughtful gift for the weekend warrior or fitness enthusiast in your life as a birthday, holiday or pick me up gift.  Everyone sweats and everyone needs a little motivation in their lives.  There are a bevy of sayings and each one is printed on colorful cotton and sewn on to the towel – I love the Cupcake and the Cookie Towels, click to find out what they are.  I used my Practice Towel yesterday during Power Yoga and Zumba Class – I thought the saying may be scratchy or get in the way of wiping sweat, but it did not.

WTSB_Practice In yoga, the practice is everything. This towel is therefore a spin on the well-known “practice makes perfect” that instead reminds you to continue in your practice. Instead of searching for perfection, find your center in your practice instead.

This towel is 100% cotton and measures 16 x 24.

It is packaged in a white drawstring organza bag, not only for zero-waste packaging, but also to allow for easy gift giving.

What I found most interesting after perusing the Words to Sweat By website is that they also have a premium line World-Class Words with phrases and signatures from world class athletes and Olympic hopefuls.  Our town has a lot of triathletes in it so how cool would it be to give your friend a World-Class Words towel from Laura Bennett to take on rides and runs? $15.95 is the retail for this unique gift and they have other athletes too, just click to view. The athletes directly benefit from their signatures.

WTSB_Bennett_300dpiHow many times have you been on the last leg of a race and you can see the finish line on the horizon but you feel yourself crashing? World-class triathlete Laura Bennett knows how to push through these moments and offers her mantra, “endure one moment longer” as a way to help you through those trying moments.

The towel is 100% cotton and measures 16 x 24 inches. It is packaged in a drawstring organza bag for zero-waste packaging.

By purchasing a towel, you are supporting Laura in her quest to take home the gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Also available are Tee Shirts and Tanks, Reusable Snack Bags and Zipper Pulls.

Words to Sweat By™ (WTSB) products are designed, developed, and predominantly manufactured by Whimsical Walney in San Jose, CA.

Each towel is appliquéd with an original mantra that is meant to motivate you while you strive to reach your health and fitness goals. The snack bags offered in some of the most popular mantras are a 100% cotton outer shell with a rip stop nylon inner lining.

Each WTSB towel or snack bag is packaged in a drawstring organza bag both to create zero-waste packaging as well as allow for easy gift giving. We recommend that you reuse the bag as a holder for some sweet-smelling potpourri, for small travel goodies, or a for a child’s treasure keeper.

The New Words to Sweat by holiday packages:

– The “To Health and Happiness!” package. A vibrant assortment of Words to Sweat by motivational accessories all packaged in a fabric, baby blue tote for easy gift giving. Items included: Healthy mantra t-shirt, work out towel, reusable snack bag and key chain. Price: $35-$40 based on selection of shirt-style.

– The “Body in Motion” package. A colorful collection of Words to Sweat by motivational accessories all packaged in a fabric market tote in lime green – perfect for gift giving and for taking to your weekend farmer’s markets. Items included: Exert mantra t-shirt, work out towel, reusable snack bag and key chain. Price: $35-$40 based on selection of shirt-style.
See at: http://www.wordstosweatby.com/words-to-sweat-by-2011-holiday-gift-packages

New Words to Sweat by T-shirts and Tanks: The t-shirts are a soft, lightweight (4.3 oz) form-fitting cotton and the tank top is ribbed and also lightweight but just a little thicker at 6.0 oz. Available in sizes small to XXL depending on style. Featured in baby blue, black and navy color fabrics. 100% cotton with screen-printed motivational mantras in these styles below. Priced $19.99 to $24.99. See at:http://www.wordstosweatby.com/shop/tees-and-tanks-new

Eco Friendly and Anti Microbial Fitness Products by SilverSport

Hate how your gym bag stinks?  Tired of wiping sweat away with scratchy and smelly towels?  Well…

Silversport™ (www.silversport.com) is pleased to introduce the first-ever line of eco-friendly and anti-microbial fitness products.

Co-founded by Franco Harris, Pro Football Hall-of-Famer and four-time Super Bowl champion, Silversport™ features Terra-Silver ™, a cutting-edge nanotechnology that uses natural silver particles to deliver odor reduction and anti-microbial protection to the surfaces of all Silversport™ products. The technology effectively eliminates more than 650 types of surface-borne bacteria.  image

The fitness community’s response to Silversport’s™ line of products has been very enthusiastic. We hope you will introduce your readers to the products as well. We would be happy to send you product samples.

Below is information about Silversport™ and its products.

Silversport™ products, developed and produced in the U.S.A., include:

· Hot Fitness Silvermat –a non-slip surface for yoga, hot yoga, Pilates and general fitness

· Silvershaper – an extra layer of protection when using standard exercise rollers

· Prenatal fit kit and Silvermat — perfect for exercising in 2nd and 3rd trimesters

· Silver Towel — made from soft, absorbent bamboo in sizes 20”x 30” and 20”x 60”

How Terra Silver Works:

The surface of every Silversport™ product releases silver ions when activated by moisture (sweat, water, etc.). This significantly decreases odor-causing bacteria on the surface, resulting in a Silver Clean Zone™ (odor-and-bacteria-free).

 Silversport products are available exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.

How do these products truly stack up?  I received the Silver Towel and I have to say I am a huge fan of bamboo.  It is so soft and non-abrasive – I find even chenille can stick to dry skin and feel scratchy. I used the small greyish  colored towel for my Zumba classes, now don’t think less of me, without washing it for a full week. That’s close to a dozen classes, and I even used it to blot my brow in a few Power Yoga classes.  I left it at the front of the studio unwashed, and when I took it home at the end of the week – it smelled as clean as it did when I received it.  Even better, my skin did not break out from using the same unwashed towel several days in a row.

You may question if this soft and supple towel held up to washing.  It came out feeling and smelling great, it was not worn out and did not look “used”.  I have been using and washing it now for almost a month and it is still in great shape.  I can’t say the same for the cheap towels we purchased for use at the studio.  We bleach these and wash them almost everyday and they look terrible, not my bamboo towel!

I also received the larger black towel that is approximately yoga mat length.  This too is a wonderfully soft towel and like its smaller counterpart has a rubberized type logo across its surface (think non slip).  However, I tried using it both logo side up and side down across my eco-friendly yoga mat, and it just was not a good fit.  The towel kept bunching up.  Now this is completely my fault, I went to the SilverSport website and the larger towel is listed for “serious drying”, and not necessarily as a towel for your mat, but I think it can be.  I’m just not the one to do it.  Tons of students use towels on their mats without a problem, so it can be done and this towel would be perfect – especially if you sweat a lot.

A week or so later I received the Hot Fitness Silvermat to review. 

The SilverSport SilverMat™ has been specifically engineered to help resist slippage during hot yoga and Pilates workouts, and features the revolutionary new Terra image Silver™ antimicrobial technology. As a result, the entire mat is a Silver Clean Zone™, providing an extra layer of protection against odor-causing bacteria during workouts.

The SilverMat is a thick yoga mat that maximizes comfort during yoga and Pilates exercises, and is ultra durable and lightweight. Thanks to the nanosilver protection incorporated into the mat as an antimicrobial agent, no harmful chemicals are required to clean the SilverMat – simply wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go! Like all products in the SilverSport family, the SilverMat is produced entirely in the USA.

The SilverMat is latex free, 3/8” thick, and weighs 2 lbs, and requires no cleaning agents to keep it fresh and clean.  An anti-microbial mat is ideal for hot yoga workouts or people who sweat profusely during workouts.  The thickness allows for cushioning and the mat is a bit stiffer than a regular yoga mat.  Only one side is waffled and other side smooth which means the life span of the mat may be limited (you can not flip it over to use) – but the mat itself is not too pricey at only $49.99.  The mat does have a very slight odor which I only mention because this is a review – it is NOT very noticeable and nowhere near terrible like store bought big name brands that can stink up a yoga class if opened and unfurled. 

The best part about SilverSport is that their products support our economy by being made in the USA.  Jump on over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and check out these new, innovative products.  Valentine’s Day is close at hand and if your valentine is a fitness or sports fanatic who has it all, these are sure to please!