Group & Corp.

Groups, Parties & Corporations:

  • Group Rates On-Site: (Minimum 3 students to start) 1-10 students $10 each, 11-15 students $9 each, 16-20 students $8 each, 20+ students $7 each
  • Hourly Corporate Rate for Fitness/Yoga Classes  $125 unlimited number of employees may participate.
  • Workshops:  I have presented on a wide variety of topics to diverse environments.  Popular topics include: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, Reducing Stress, Keys to Weight Management, Keeping Active on a Budget, Birth and Beyond. Presentations can be tailored to your needs.  Base rate hourly $150.
  • Corporations have the option of paying an hourly rate and absorbing the cost of instruction for their employees or businesses can choose to provide donated space for classes and I will bill the employees at a discounted session rate (the business then incurs no expense but provides the use of space free of charge for its employees)
  • I have the ability to bring yoga mats, free weight dumbbells, and other props for no additional charge upon request.


Yoga in the Workplace: Good for Everyone

Companies looking for a way to keep employees focused don’t have to look any further than an empty board room which can easily be converted to a lunch time yoga spot.  The age old practice of yoga can keep employees flexible mentally and physically which can boost productivity and profits, at a very affordable cost.  Small companies and corporations alike do not need to invest in on-site fitness centers, any free space can be used to create an oasis for employees to destress, refocus and then return to work refreshed and renewed.  Employees with higher morale work better and work happier – and that is better for everyone!

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