Some Frequently Asked Questions and Etiquette about yoga studios:

1. What do I have to bring to class?

To most classes nothing but yourself! Mats , blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and more for yoga classes are usually provided by the studio – but call to be sure, some studios have mat rental fees.  Bring bottled water, or a reusable water bottle. Certain locations may not provide mats, so ask.

Please avoid heavy meals, smoking or perfumes prior to class, this way everyone has a good experience.

1.5 What if I arrive early or late?

In either circumstance please enter quietly and take a place at the back of the class

2. What should I wear to yoga?

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose – nothing baggy where your form would not be discernible (we need to check alignment).  Our room fluctuates between classes so you can wear a light layer or tee shirt.  Many people opt for tee shirts and a light weight zip-up.  No shoes are worn during yoga, socks are optional though it is recommended you take them off.

3. What should I wear to Zumba?

Zumbawear of course! Just kidding, though we do sell a limited amount of Zumba clothing.  Well fitting sports support/underwear, and anything you would wear to workout it.  Fitness, cardio or cheerleading shoes are preferable, gym shoes will suffice.

4. I’m pregnant, when can I come to class?

As with any exercise please check with your primary care provider.  This said,  a woman’s ability to participate in classes should not be negated by a normal healthy pregnancy.  Please check with individual institutions though to make sure they will accommodate you during this phase of life.

5. I’m new to class, will I be able to keep up? What is it like?

Everyone is new to class at some point.  You definitely will be able to keep up with class and your teacher should be well versed in modifications for all levels.  If you have a specific question regarding medical problems that may keep you from enjoying class always start with your primary care provider’s suggestions, then ask your instructor if they will be able to accommodate your needs.  We want everyone to have a safe experience, so if you are concerned, let your teacher know!


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