Hatha Yoga Open Level

Title: Hatha Yoga Open Level
Location: Naperville Park District Barn, Martin Ave, Naperville, IL
Link out: Click here
Description: 1 Hour Class open to all levels, 45 minutes of postures, 15 minutes of relaxation. Explore asanas, pranayama and the roots of yoga. Bring a mat/towel and water. Classes run 6:30-7:30 pm, 7:30-8:30pm Classes Start Monday Oct 29 and run through Dec 8.
Start Time: 6:30
Date: 2008-10-29
End Time: 8:30

Hatha Yoga Open Level

Title: Hatha Yoga Open Level
Location: Naperville Park District Barn, Martin Ave, Naperville, IL
Link out: Click here
Description: 1 hour class open to all levels, exploring the foundations of yoga both esoterically and physiologically to help increase balance, flexibility and relaxation. 45 minutes of postures, 15 minutes of relaxation. Bring water and a mat/towel.  Classes start Wed Nov 5 and runs until Dec 17.
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Date: 2008-10-27
End Time: 7:00

Power Yoga

Title: Power Yoga
Location: Central Park Athletic Club, Lisle, IL
Link out: Click here
Description: 45 minute Power Yoga class focusing on pushing the envelope of fitness and yoga. Bring water and a willingness to sweat. Mats and towels provided no charge.  Class runs every Monday and students who are not Club  members may purchase 10 Class passes for $60.
Start Date: 2008-08-18
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Date: 2008-11-24
End Time: 12:45 pm

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level I

I recently completed the PRYT Level 1 certification and can only say "Wow!"  This training was held at the Riverwest Moksha Yoga Studio.  I would never have visited Moksha because I can not get passed their web site. It seems so pompous, as though it panders to yoga elitists.  I like my studios more down to earth feeling, homey, warm and less capitalistic looking -at least.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t pick up Elle, Vogue or whatever new mags are out there, and never did. I have no idea about designers (other than Coach and Prada because they are so mainstream), and really can’t drop names like that.  This isn’t a judgement call, I actually wish I did know these things at times, and could talk to other people about the newest styles, fashions and news – yes I even shy away from the news (we don’t have cable so it isn’t so difficult).

I’ve never been fond of the saying "You can’t judge a book by its cover", because I have and I do.  These days I guess the adage would have something to do with "You can’t judge a *blank* by its web site". Again, guilty as charged.

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Wish I was there…a postcard to Baltimore

Baltimore may not be the travel destination hot spot for most of the world, but I had come to enjoy my yearly Trade Show visits to this disparate city that represents extremes within the space of 4 city blocks.  For me the 12 hour drive is well worth the chance to spend time at Charm City Yoga -Midtown 

I found their flyer while eating a gargantuan piece of Chocolate Vegan Cake at Liquid Earth, and I liked the playful depiction of Ganesh, plus I was intrigued by the "Hot Yoga" class (previously my experience with heat and yoga only involved a local Bikram Studio and that was not my path).

The studio has white washed brick walls, small ornamental windows, durable carpet and a overhead heat lamp system – but its best feature is the feeling you get when you open the building’s front door.


My first experience here was when my husband dropped me off after our long ride in because he felt I needed to stretch – that’s a nice way of putting his thoughts.  I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I did see a few lithe looking women with yoga mats strapped to their backs coming out of an alleyway.  I asked if Charm City Yoga was nearby and got the reply "Go in the door with the painting of the elephant on it".  What a great reply for so many reasons to me – very Alice in Wonderland for starters.

I walked up a flight of old hardwood stairs and right into the waiting area, cash only, and luckily I had some.  Cubbies in the front for shoes and belongings, two adjacent studio spaces, and an ample bathroom with showers.  The feel inside the studio space was like coming home. For the first time I was not self conscious coming to a new class, a new studio or unknown teacher.  I didn’t speak to a single person but the vibe was somehow far different from the one I get at local area studios.  There wasn’t a competitive feel, or insider/outsider "clique" feel, it just felt like a safe place to explore another facet of my practice.

The room gets to about 90 degrees, class is taught based on the teacher’s agenda, not set postures (though I believe there are some foundation type asanas in their teacher training because year after year there are only slight variations to the class I take).

So this September, since we no longer own a comic book shop, and the Trade Show has been moved to Vegas, I have missed my trip to Baltimore.  Even my seven year old son started wondering when we were going to pack up the car and go – maybe next year.

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